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EFB Admin Services, specialize in delivering exceptional Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Administrator services, compliant with ORO.GEN.205 standards, alongside other essential EFB support functions.

About us

  • At EFB Admin Services, we specialize in delivering exceptional Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Administrator services, compliant with ORO.GEN.205 standards, alongside other essential EFB support functions. We hold Cyber Security CIE and CPSE certifications, ensuring robust security across IT and OT environments.
  • With decades of experience in the airline industry, our team has expertly managed EFB Administrator roles across various airlines, AOCs, and aircraft models, adhering to EASA, FAA, and ANAC regulations—including B737, B737-8, B777, B787, A220, A320, A330, A350, Gulfstream, DHC-8, among others.
  • Our expertise extends to both portable and installed EFB systems, and we are proficient in conducting comprehensive EFB training for EFB Managers/Administrators and other flight operations personnel.
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and security, ensuring that all client interactions are safeguarded by rigorous non-disclosure agreements.
  • Headquartered in Scandinavia with offices in the UK, Spain, and Türkiye, EFB Admin Services offers its specialized services globally, ready to assist your airline in achieving operational excellence and enhanced compliance.


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Our Services

EFB Administration & Technical Support: We provide professional EFB Administrator services compliant with ORO.GEN.205, alongside specialized EFB Technician roles. Our team is adept at handling multiple AOCs under FAA, ANAC, and EASA regulations, ensuring a seamless integration of EFB systems across your fleet.

EFB System Optimization: From policy and procedure manuals to risk analysis and operational reporting, our experts evaluate and enhance EFB systems to optimize performance and compliance. We also specialize in EFB hardware solutions, including advanced mounting options like Pivot systems.

Training & Development: We offer extensive training programs for EFB Managers/Administrators and other key personnel to ensure your team is proficient in the latest EFB technologies and practices. Our training extends to practical instructions for pilots, maintenance crews, and IT staff.

Software & Connectivity Solutions: In partnership with leading providers, we deliver cutting-edge EFB software solutions. We manage MDM setup, installation, and maintenance, and provide support for various operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Our services extend to EFB and QAR connectivity, encompassing onboard/airport Wi-Fi, Cellular/5G, and satellite communications.

Regulatory Compliance & Cybersecurity: We guide the application process for EFB permits with local CAA authorities and conduct compliance assessments for EASA, ANAC, and FAA. Our cybersecurity measures include thorough vulnerability tests to safeguard your data and infrastructure.

Consultancy & Additional Services: Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we offer consultancy services to evaluate existing EFB solutions, including connectivity, charging solutions, and mounts. We also provide comprehensive documentation services for hardware and software, ensuring compliance and efficiency.



Mobile Device Management (MDM) plays a critical role in enhancing the cybersecurity and operational efficiency of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

As mobile devices are integral to aviation operations, securing them against unauthorized access and cyber threats is paramount. MDM solutions help in enforcing security policies, managing software updates, and ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.

EFB Management with MDM

Using specialized MDM solutions for EFBs enhances security, ensures regulatory compliance, and simplifies management tasks, which boosts operational efficiency and collaboration across airline operations. Our team is on hand to help integrate and tailor these solutions, ensuring they align with your specific operational requirements.

By choosing the right MDM solution, you equip your fleet with the tools needed for secure and efficient operations, mirroring the precision required in aviation navigation. Just as pilots rely on expertly calibrated instruments to navigate, airlines depend on robust MDM systems to manage the complexities of modern aviation safely and effectively.

Our Recommended MDM Solutions:

  • Miradore: Ideal for multi-platform environments, Miradore excels in simplicity and cost-effectiveness, providing essential services without setup fees. It is particularly noted for its user-friendly management interface and affordability.
  • Kandji: Best suited for organizations utilizing iOS/iPad exclusively, Kandji offers an intuitive management setup, focusing on ease of use and efficient device control.
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune): A robust solution for mixed-device environments, Microsoft Endpoint Manager supports comprehensive control over IT and phone devices, in addition to EFB platforms. While it offers integration within existing corporate setups, it requires a more hands-on approach for management.
  • ManageEngine: Known for its extensive device management capabilities and strong security features, ManageEngine is suitable for organizations looking for a scalable and comprehensive MDM solution.
  • AirWatch by VMware: Provides extensive management and security features, making it ideal for organizations that need a powerful and scalable MDM solution with strong support for compliance and policy enforcement.

Each MDM solution offers unique advantages, and we recommend exploring these options to determine the best fit for your operational needs and security requirements.

EFB Software Solutions

Choosing the right Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software is crucial for airline operations, as no two airlines are identical. Each carrier prioritizes different aspects of their operations, requiring software solutions that can be tailored to meet these specific needs.

Our role is to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that the EFB software aligns perfectly with your operational requirements and enhances efficiency.

Partner EFB Software Providers:

While we are not a software supplier, we maintain close relationships with leading EFB software providers to ensure we can support a wide array of EFB suites and applications.
Our recommended providers include, but are not limited to:

Aviobook: Enhances crew workflow with an integrated suite of digital solutions for pilots, cabin crew, and ground operations. Aviobook’s EFB is engineered to boost operational efficiency through its innovative, pilot-centric design.

FlightDeckSoftware (FDS): Known for its customizable solutions, FDS has been a top choice for airlines like Norwegian Air and Flyr. Their suite supports both Windows and iOS, and is acclaimed for excellent customer service and swift implementation.

Logipad: A robust EFB solution known for its reliability and adaptability. Logipad offers comprehensive document management, real-time data access, and customizable features to enhance the efficiency of your airline’s daily operations. Ideal for carriers seeking a versatile platform that supports both pilot and ground crew needs.

EFB One by IFS: A cross-platform application that runs seamlessly on iOS, Windows, Android, and more. EFB One represents the future of integrated flight bag technology, adaptable to any device you operate.

TailLog: Specifically designed for ease of use on Apple iPads, TailLog focuses on intuitive flight progress tracking and simple data management, making transitions from paper-based systems effortless.

Boeing: Offers a comprehensive range of EFB software, including JDM Jeppesen Charting, e-Link, and OPT. We support the administration of these applications for various clients, showcasing Boeing’s extensive capabilities.

FlightBrief: Ideal for small airlines seeking to replace traditional paper briefings. FlightBriefing’s app is customizable, integrates well with other EFB applications and back-end systems, and is known for its intuitive interface and responsive customer service.

Additional Providers: We also support providers like Bytron Skybook, Navblue, Collins, GE Aviation, Smart OFP, Flightman, and more, ensuring we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to diverse operational needs.

We encourage airlines to explore various EFB software options and engage in demos or trials to find the perfect fit. Our team is here to provide insights and support throughout the selection process, helping you integrate the most suitable EFB software to enhance your operational success.

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