About Us

EFB Admin Services Int. deliver EFB Administrator services under the ORO.GEN.205, or other EFB support functions depending on your needs and operation.

We have decades of experience in the airline industry, and have had the EFB Administrator role in multiple airlines, AOCs and models under both EASA and FAA regulations (737, 737-8, 787, A320, and more).

Highly experienced in both portable and installed EFB.

Airport connectivity over Gatelink or airport Wi-Fi, private 5G nodes, etc.

We can assist with Unix/Linux upgrades on aircraft devices like the WebFB from Ballard/Astronics, WWU/TCU, CWLU and more.

We ensure all clients are handled by the upmost discretion and safely covered by our (or the clients) NDA.

Our Services

- EFB Administrator role under the ORO.GEN.205

- EFB Technician roles or similar.  

- EFB Policy and Procedure manual 

- EFB Risk Analysis.

- EFB hardware and mounting solutions (Pivot)

- 787 e-enablement (TCU, WWU, TWLU, installed and portable EFB, parts management, etc.)

- Multiple AOC support (both FAA and EASA)

- Application process with local CAA authorities for an EFB permit.

- Evaluation of existing EFB solutions (connectivity, charging, mounts, etc.).

- Hardware and Software documentation, decompression & EMI reports, battery documentation, etc.

- EFB instructions for pilots, maintenance, IT and others.

- Hosting.

- Device management. (Meraki, Intune, etc.)

- Vulnerability tests.

- Compliance assessments (EASA and FAA).

- Connectivity (onboard/airport Wi-Fi, Cellular/5G, satellite).

- Simulator setup for EFB, and more

- Windows, iOS, Android and Linux support.

Decompression reports

Safety Risk Assessments

Policy & Procedures manuals

Connectivity & JDM admin

Our team


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EFB Admin Services Int.