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✈️ Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – EMEA

🗣️ Speaker Announcement:
Klaus Olsen, CTO/EFB Administrator, EFB Admin Services

📅 Wednesday 14th June
⏰ 14:30 – 15:00

Join Klaus as he delves into best practices for EFB Mobile Device Management (MDM) across iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

🚀 In today’s fast-paced aviation world, a streamlined and secure EFB MDM strategy is critical for operational efficiency and data protection. His presentation will cover:

💬 The latest industry trends in EFB MDM
💬 Expert tips on optimizing device management for iOS, Windows, and Android
💬 Real-life case studies demonstrating the impact of efficient EFB MDM strategies
💬 Interactive Q&A session to address your specific questions and concerns

«Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your EFB MDM skills and learn valuable insights to boost your airline’s operational performance. We look forward to connecting with you in Amsterdam!» 🌍✈️

To see the full agenda visit here:

Speaker Klaus Olsen