🎄✈️ What Your Airline Wants for Christmas 🎁

  1. A Dedicated EFB Elf: Dive into how an External EFB Administrator can streamline operations, ensuring compliance and efficiency, all while wearing an elf hat (figuratively, of course).
  2. Audit Adventures: Describe how an extensive audit can be as exciting as waiting for Santa (Klaus), uncovering opportunities for improvement and compliance in a fun, engaging way.
  3. Connectivity Cheer: Explain how enhancing EFB connectivity can lead to operational improvements, depicted as the magic needed to guide Santa’s sleigh through foggy nights.
  4. Procurement Presents: Discuss the benefits of outsourcing EFB procurement and hardware distribution, making the process as joyful and stress-free as opening presents on Christmas morning.
  5. Support Center Surprises: Highlight how an extended support center can provide timely and efficient support, akin to Santa’s helpers ensuring every gift is delivered on time. 🎄✨

EFB Admin Services Int. AS can provide you with all your EFB support needs and beyond. With Santa Klaus 🎅 as our dedicated sleigh driver, we ensure you a relaxed, stressfree EFB Operation during the holidays, and far beyond….

Get in touch for an discussion on how we best can assist your airline 🎁✈️